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Is ‘Beauty With Brains’ Really A Compliment?

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Is ‘Beauty With Brains’ Really A Compliment?

Beauty With Brains, Without wasting time, I would say- NO! Regardless of your gender, race, or identity. The answer is a big NO. The Beauty with brains thinks you can only have either of these, and you’re an exception if you have both. This makes no sense.

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Beauty is Subjective, And Intelligence Is Objective

Beauty is Subjective, And Intelligence Is Objective

This means that the horizon in which the two adjectives can remain measured is quite broad. Also, a person is much more than this. They may have many more or fewer adjectives to add to their personality. What is most devastating here: the connotation is largely attributed only to women! Although I understand why it started in the first place. As before, women had no right to a life beyond family and home. So everyone remained oblivious that the ‘mind’ HAS NO GENDER. And when the women finally came out, they were amazed at our abilities. Since there weren’t many yet, it was an exception at that time for sure. Not because women who were housewives didn’t have brains, they just never got a chance to prove contrary to people’s opinions.

But The Past Is In The Past

History has shown us over time that culture does not make people. People make culture. So, we can leave this so-called complied. We all have a brain and use them at various levels accordingly. If you want to compliment someone, please do so, but be sure to be considerate of your comment. As for, say, telling someone you’re handsome, why worry? You’ll nail the presentation, and it won’t help. Even though your intention was not bad, the person will not be amused. Since looking presentable is part of giving a good presentation, a lot more effort goes into it afterward, and you just ignore all that and that person’s hard work to keep up.

Stop Accepting The Phrase [Beauty With Brains] As A Compliment

Don’t know how to react when somebody calls you [Beauty with brains]? Get angry

Ladies! Who doesn’t love receiving compliments? We sure love it! Especially if someone compliments us on something we’ve been insecure about, our confidence soars! However, sometimes approves meant to flatter us turn out to be a huge turn-off, even offensive. One such accolade is “Beauty with a Brain.”

When Is The Phrase Used?

This phrase remains usually used when girls show traits of being smart. This comes as a surprise to people. Girls remain not generally expected to have brains naturally, so they use the ‘With Brains’ analogy.

What’s Wrong With The Phrase?

When you hear somebody call you [Beauty with brains] the next time, instead of smiling and expressing thankfulness for the compliment, analyze what they just said to you. Have you ever heard a male partner existence praised for being handsome but intelligent? No, right? If they still say this is a compliment and we are making a mountain out of a mole, then start flattering men that way. “Wow, you can do the math and look good!

How Rare Is That?

The problem here is that men are automatically assumed to be intelligent. Women, on the other hand, remain expected to be naturally beautiful. If she is not beautiful by social standards, she remains scheduled to be at least intelligent. If someone manages to be both, it remains considered a big deal. So whenever someone calls you Beauty with brains, and your smile, tuck your hair behind your ears, and blush, think about what’s wrong with the phrase. Women are pigeonholed into two characteristics, beautiful and intelligent, and remain forced to believe these traits cannot co-exist.

What Does This Do To The Way Women Perceive Themselves?

It is a fact that if we remain told a particular thing repeatedly, we begin to believe it. Therefore, women who get good grades in school and do well academically start to think that they remain ugly. Recall all those girls in your class who got good grades but always used phrases like “What boy will ever look at me? I’m not as pretty as you, and many more self-deprecating words. Have you ever speculated why that would happen? Remained someone constantly telling these girls that they weren’t pretty? Probably not. It remains this phrase that they have grown up hearing that made them believe that the brain comes with an exchange of Beauty.

On the other hand, pretty girls often feel like they’re dumb. They may feel confident when dressing up for a party, but their confidence takes a backseat when answering in class, even though they know they’re right.

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