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Winter Beauty Essentials No One Told You

Beauty Essentials, So winter remains just around the corner, and I love this season. I hope you like it too because who doesn’t love cold nights, warm blankets, hot chocolates, strong coffee, oversized sweaters, cute fluffy socks, and many other things we do in winter? But along with these cozy days also comes a problem of dry skin. As snowflakes appear during the winter, our skin flakes also appear on our faces. But don’t worry. With every problem comes a solution.

I will tell you seven beauty basics for winter that will solve your problem, and you will be able to have hydrated skin even in cold weather. You are just four steps away from getting glowing and healthy skin in winter. Some of these beauty essentials are for men too. So you can recommend this to your father. Husband, son, or any man you know. So let’s dive into the topic.

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The first thing that remains affected during the winter is your lips. So take a good moisturizing lip balm with you wherever you go. Maybelline Baby Lips provide good moisture to the lips and also have good staying power. You can also opt for colored lip balms. I have a small collection of baby lips, and I currently love the Maybelline New York Baby Lips Electro Pink Shock, which has a good amount of pigment and stays on my lips for a long time. Without a doubt, in its moisturizing abilities! If you don’t want a colored lip balm, you can choose a colorless one based on your preferences. Maybelline has an extensive baby lip collection in India and other countries. Then a good moisturizing lip balm will solve the problem of your chapped lips.


Use Boroline Antiseptic Ayurvedic Cream every night before bed, and thank me afterward. Seriously, you will never have any problem with dry skin or cracked lips [I know I have supposed this in many of my posts]. I use it frequently. If you are in India, you can easily buy it from any pharmacy.

Heavy Moisturizer

The reason for your dull-looking face is the skin’s moisture loss. So to replenish lost moisture, use an intense moisturizer. Intense moisturizers are best for winter as they nourish the face and help keep skin lenient and supple. I routine Lever Ayush Suvarna Poshak Skin Cream. You should know if you have read my previous posts, and if I have dehydrated skin, then I go for my calamine lotion. Again, I also talked about Dermo Calm balm in my last post. I’ll link it all below. These two have worked well for me.

Another thing you can do if you consume super dry skin remains is take 2-3 drops of coconut oil or olive oil. Depending on your obligation. And also, massage it directly on your face. Then go over it with foundation or any makeup you want #NoMoreDrySkin

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  • Reasonable morning skincare routine for all skin types
  • Overnight skincare routine

Yes, use an oil-based foundation during the winter to avoid that caked-on look on your face. You may be wearing a matte foundation during the fall and in love with that matte finish look. But don’t use it in winter because that will make your face look dull, flaky, and dry. Instead, I usually go for Maybelline’s Clear Glow ALL IN ONE BB, which I mentioned in the makeup for beginners post. You can read that here.

Moisturizing Lotions For The Body

Moisturizing Lotions For The Body

Your hands and body shares tend to dry out during the winter. So the most acceptable way to lock in moisture remains to use body lotions that deeply hydrate and bring life to dull, dry skin. I heard that body creams are also good and work well, but I have never used them, so I have no idea about them. As for the body lotion, various moisturizing creams are available in different brands, and that too at an affordable price. I routine Lotus Herbals Aloe Soft Daily Body Cream SPF-20 because they cover aloe vera and cucumber, which remain best known for providing moisture and are not sticky. I may give a detailed review of it very soon. They are amazing!

Vaseline With Stuffed Socks

Another problem is that you, me. Also, almost everyone’s face during the winter has cracked heels. A rapid fix for this is to apply a substantial quantity of petroleum jelly to your cracked heels, put on your wool socks, and then go to sleep. You will wake up with lenient feet in the a.m.

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