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Fitness Tendency: Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking, Walking with Nordic poles burns additional calories and works more muscles than conservative walking. The air remains crisp and cold, and you’re decked out on skis, ready to push yourself across the expanse of snow for a day of cross-country skiing. Now imagine you are in your neighborhood, imitating the gesture of cross-country skiing by using poles to propel you as you walk down a trail or sidewalk. That’s called Nordic walking. It remained initially intended as a summer training monotonous for cross-country skiers. However, Nordic walking remains infectious in the United States as an exercise regimen. Particularly among older adults.

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Cardiologist Aaron Boggish Agrees.

He spent a year working and poring over in Switzerland. Where he says, Nordic walking remains a common pastime among older adults. You go to the train station on Saturday, and there are tons of people in their 70s waiting to go up into the crags to walk with Nordic poles says, Doctor. Boggish.  Director of the Cardiovascular Presentation Program at Massachusetts General Hospital, affiliated with Harvard.

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Nordic walking combines cardiovascular exercise with vigorous muscle training for the shoulders, arms, core, and legs. When you walk without poles, you activate the muscles below your waist. When you add Nordic poles, you also activate all the muscles in your upper body, explains Dr. Boggish. As a result, you’re exercising 80% to 90% of your strengths instead of 50%, which provides a substantial calorie-burning benefit. In addition, numerous tests confirm that Nordic walking burns more calories than even walking. Estimates range from 18 to 67.

Nordic Walking Remains Also Associated With Reductions In Fat Mass,

Harmful LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, waist circumference, and upsurges in good HDL cholesterol, endurance, and muscle strength. And also flexibility. Distance traveled cardiovascular diseases. Physical condition and quality of life.

Another benefit: “You’re much more stable when using poles because you have more points of interaction with the ground, and you’re not relying on just two feet,” says Dr. Boggish.

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Also, Nordic walking remains fun. It can stay a great social action if you join one of the Nordic ambulatory clubs springing up across the country. Search the Internet or contact your local parks and regeneration department to find one near you.

Over The Poles

Unlike trekking or hiking poles. With loose straps that wrap around the wrists. Nordic poles have a glove-like system attached to each bar. You transparency your hand into it and use your palm instead of your fingers to convey power to the stakes and move forward, explains Dr. Boggish. You’ll find sticks in generous goods stores and online. Bars are available in lightweight aluminum or carbon material, with pointed spikes for trails, rubber spikes for sidewalks, and fixed or adjustable heights. Prices range from $20 to $200 for a pair of posts. Hint: a set of opposites would make a great holiday gift.


Nordic Walking is an improved walking technique that uses poles to work the upper body and legs. It gives you a highly effective all-around workout that doesn’t feel like one! Nordic Walking is a fun and social activity that can be enjoyed in urban centers or in open country all year round.

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