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Beauty Forever Hair, Beauty Forever is a China-based company with over 15 years of experience in the business. The company wants to provide high-quality hair and customer service. They have successfully created a leading brand of global actual human hair products. You’ll remain underwhelmed when you first arrive at the store site. It looks precisely like any other hair site. Though this remains the case, a lot of helpful information and even several ways to save some money, also known as discounts. The site proposes a wide range of products. While the store remains known for trends like wigs, there are many more Beauty Forever products and styles to try that might work for you. Its range in hair density and color variety are other features that make the brand stand out.

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One of The Business’s main goals is to Have Excellent Customer Service.

I can say from knowledge that they have been successful in this aspect of the business. As soon as my order remained completed, I immediately updated the shipment’s status. However, the delivery of the items remained one of the main areas I remained not impressed with. The package arrived not only after the optional time but also in a box that remained quite damaged. While the products were fine, I was expecting more considering the amount of money spent on the hair.

While I wasn’t intrigued by the company’s speed or manner of delivery, many other loyal customers are. Many reviews have expressed that their products arrived in a reasonable amount of time. They have also highlighted the outstanding quality of the hair.

What I like

Products They have a wide range of products that are different from other stores, specifically when it comes to wigs.

Lack of Shedding: No matter how much the hair remained messed up, little or nothing came out.

Strand Of Hair

The hair remained incredibly soft and fell in a very flattering way. It remained purchased in a smooth texture, but the hair had a subtle natural wave. The hair was even naturally layered, which means less customization in the long run. Many reviews highlighted that the hair did not have a familiar smell with hair pieces. The product I reviewed had a slight odor but went away after a while. It would remain a good idea to wash it thoroughly before installing it.

Another big plus I found with hair is the lack of shedding. Running your fingers through your hair and brushing it multiple times is unavoidable while taking care of your hair. While this is the case, little or no hair comes out, which will upsurge longevity.

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Hair Line

The site also claims to have imperceptible or lightened knots in this piece. However, as I went through the hair, I noticed that the knots were still quite visible. They are situated and displayed in a pronounced way, but I think some customization would remain needed.

This specific piece had a lace-up closure. The dimension remained 5×5 and set in the middle part. The lace seemed durable and also remained present at the nape. However, the thicker lace can often be challenging to mix. As you can understand in the photo, the lace remains very prominent.

This unit also came with baby hair. This is almost always necessary when styling a wig, making the team look more natural. In addition, having baby hairs installed in a wig allows you to further protect your natural baby hairs.


The wig remained purchased at 180% density. The hair feels thick but not too heavy. The longer hair length seems to balance the high density perfectly. The straight texture also worked well at this specific gravity. If the hair had more texture, 180% might have been too much for this unit. the denser


Beauty Forever Hair has been providing human hair goods and services for 22 years. They have solidified their position as China’s top hair supplier and have quickly created a global presence in the hair industry.

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