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Tips to Keep Your Cotton Kurtis New

Self Care Tips Cotton, Cotton Kurtis is one of the most enduring Indian garments. Thanks to their ability to absorb moisture, you can use them in high temperatures. Or, you can pair them with thick cardigans during the cold winter season. The demand for Cotton Kurtis makes them available both offline and online.

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What Makes Cotton So Adorable?

Cotton is absorbent and, therefore, excellent for moisture management. It can absorb fluids from your body and helps reduce moisture buildup between clothing and skin. Cotton is a versatile fabric. You can wear it throughout the year despite temperature changes. Although people prefer summer, it can also provide insulation during the cold season. Cotton can trap air between the fabric’s fibres and won’t stick to your body. It is also hypoallergenic. It rarely causes allergies. Dermatologists recommend people with hypersensitive skin wear clothes made of cotton fabric.

Cotton Kurtis stick longer compared to other synthetic Kurtis. But you must ensure you take good care of your Cotton.

How To Take Care Of Your Cotton Kurtis?

Cotton Kurtis can be 100% pure cotton or a blend. If you own pure cotton Kurtis, you need to remember some tips to take care of them. Pure Cotton is durable and can use many times if you take proper care of it.

  • Designer Cotton Kurtis are more delicate than plain ones due to the heavy embroidery and artistry.
  • I prefer hand washing rather than quick machine washing.
  • For Cotton, I prefer a gentle wash, mainly by hand.

Wash them in warm or cold aquatic to stop fading and shrinkage. Avoid washing in hot water as it can shrink the Cotton. Use a mild detergent or household soap to wash clothes. As a general rule, check the garment label for care instructions.

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Tips to Keep Your Cotton Kurtis New

When manufacturers use natural colors to dye fabrics, the clothes are prone to fading. Natural pigments do not adhere to the material as evenly as synthetic colors. According to popular notion, soaking such fabrics in salt water will not work. Also, it can lead to color leaching.

Never Dry in Direct Sunlight.

Do not dry the Cotton Kurtis directly in the sunlight. The intense UV rays in sunlight can fade color and even shrink the fabric. However, you can put your white clothes in direct sunlight and make sure to return them as soon as they are dry.

  • Dry your Cotton Kurtis in the shade or slightly heat them with a dryer.
  • There is no need for dry cleaning.

Unlike silk, cotton Kurtis does not need to be dry cleaned. Chemicals used in dry cleaning can cause loss of color and shine. However, you can send them for dry cleaning once every blue moon or in an emergency.

Say No To Fabric Softeners

Fabric softeners can add a fresh scent to any fabric and keep it looking new. In the case of cotton Kurtis, softeners do not play a vital role. If misused, they can stain Cotton. Instead of fabric softeners, try using organic soaps. They naturally keep the fabric soft and add years to the life of your Kurtis.

  • Tips to Keep Your Cotton Kurtis New
  • Ironing and drying tips

Cotton can develop wrinkles quickly. You probably can’t prevent your Cotton Kurtis from wrinkling. But you can minimize wrinkles if you don’t completely dry them in the sun. Iron them while they remain still slightly damp. While it’s great if you have a steam iron, otherwise, you can use a spray bottle to moisten them during ironing from time to time. While ironing Kurtis with details like buttons, embroidery or sequins, iron them inside out.


Wash them in warm or cold water to prevent fading and shrinking. Avoid washing in hot water, as it may shrink the cotton. Use a mild detergent or cottage soap to wash the clothes clean. As a rule of thumb, refer the garment label for care instructions.

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