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Tati Westbrook Closes Down Her Beauty Brand, Tati Beauty, After Two Years

Tati Beauty – Tati Westbrook, a video producer, established a beauty company in 2019, which is something that many beauty YouTubers do. The Textured Neutrals Volume 1 Palette, which the Seattle-based cosmetic artist used to launch Tati Beauty, proved that people were interested in her work and goods by selling out in a matter of minutes. But regrettably, Westbrook is formally closing the beauty shop for several reasons that she disclosed in a YouTube video on November 4.

In an almost nine-minute video titled “Why I’m Closing Tati Beauty,” the content creator revealed the news and reasons for shutting down Tati Beauty. She started the video by saying that she had “not-so-exciting” information and vowed not to cry on camera while sharing it. “That is goal number one — no tears today,” she says. “This is a moment of strength and gratitude despite some dark days moving forward and just kind of getting on with it.”

The decision came about because of a few reasons, starting with the COVID-19 pandemic, which the founder shared slowed things down for the brand, but she didn’t go into detail. In addition, a lawsuit involving her other brand, Halo Beauty, also profoundly impacted the decision to shutter the company. Tati Beauty’s case has even affected her personal life and forced her to sell her house to support the ongoing legal fees.

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Beauty YouTubers Have Lots Of Thoughts On Tati Beauty’s Blendiful Tool

Beginning in January 2020, Tati Westbrook’s Blendiful tool remained officially released by Tati Beauty, and reviews are already starting to come in. Several beautiful YouTubers appear to be fans so far. The Blendiful has a creative design, unlike a conventional brush, sponge, or puff. Instead, it has an entirely new design, and it comes in a set with one large Blendiful and one Baby Blendiful. Fans debated the tool’s price when it was initially released since they were uncertain of it. (One pack costs $18 at retail.) However, almost all reviews have been positive after internet makeup gurus got their hands on the item.

One central theme multiple YouTube beauty gurus addressed was that because Blendiful is unlike any tool, there’s a bit of a learning curve. Allie Glines, Manny Mua, Edgar’s Makeup, and Jen Luvs Reviews each struggled a bit with figuring out the best way to use the tool, be it tapping on the face or wiping in sweeping motions. Manny Mua noted in his cons column that the Blendiful is more of a “pro product,” so it takes some playing to get a feel for it. (Although, this was one of only two cons he listed.)

Believe it or not, There’s a Doja Cat Under All this Blue Face Paint Tati Beauty

Doja Cat’s makeup has never been uninteresting, but during Paris Fashion Week, she upped the ante considerably. The Grammy winner attended the Monot Womenswear Spring/Summer 2023 runway show on Saturday, October 1, donning her most stunning beauty ensemble of the year. The “Vegas” singer’s makeup would remain best described as “alien superstar” if it weren’t likely to spark an online conflict between Beyoncé’s Beyhive and Doja’s Kittenz. Doja Cat’s face remained painted entirely white and contoured with a deep shade of royal blue for the Monot performance. A cool-toned, vivid red lip remained added as an accent to the colors, which finished at the rapper’s jawline. The whole feel of Doja Cat’s blue face paint is surreal.

It wasn’t just the Planet Her artist’s face that stood painted. Doja Cat’s blue face paint look also incorporated body paint. Her arms remained painted a matte black from just above her elbows down to her lengthy, black coffin nails. The black color remained broken up by a series of gradually shrinking circles that created an abstract effect. The extraterrestrial feel remained only heightened by the sharp angles Doja Cat made while posing for photographers outside the show. The bold blue contour, nails. And also even the shape of her long hair read like an homage to The Fifth Element’s Dancing Diva.

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