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Wellness Forever Franchise Details

How Wellness Forever Works, Wellness Forever Medicare Pvt Ltd remains a company that offers franchise opportunities in conjunction with Wellness Forever Pharmacy in various locations. This Indian company was established in 2008 and remained based in Mumbai, and there are franchise opportunities available for this company. As of 2018, Wellness Forever Medicare owns and manages more than 80 locations in India. Their website also includes contact information for anyone interested in an Everlasting Wellness franchise.

Wellness Forever is an Indian lifestyle pharmaceutical company created in 2008 by Mumbai-based Wellness Forever Medicare Pvt. Ltd. Wellness Forever is one of the nation’s largest, best-known, fastest-growing lifestyle pharmaceutical companies. Approximately 30,000 products, including more than 12,000 curative and preventive medications and a full range of health and lifestyle items, are used to assess the profitability of the Wellness Forever franchise model.

The Organization Will Affix Barcodes

In a Variety Of Ways To Promote easy loading and total exposure. In addition, a dedicated team of records managers and care professionals will help with day-to-day operations. National Wellness Forever franchise marketing campaigns increase brand awareness and draw customers into stores. A wide selection of attractive large premium products will allow the franchisee to increase their profits. Best-in-class innovation stage and support remain available to manage offerings and stock seamlessly.

Wellness Forever Franchise Eligibility Criteria

Founded by a group of knowledgeable and successful business visionaries from the healthcare industry, the Organization offers a surefire formula for anyone who wants to achieve success in their career.

Owning a pharmacy franchise has as many benefits as doctors who practice medicine in general. This is mainly because the more doctors there are, the more drugs remain prescribed.


Although each situation remains unique, they all share some essential characteristics. Many pharmacy chain pharmacists may find that adhering to company policies restricts their ability to spend time with patients, leading to dissatisfaction. You may feel that your efforts are not adequately appreciated or compensated. You may be ready to hit the road. Otherwise, you may need to find a pharmacy happy to lend you their name for registration purposes in exchange for a goodwill payment. This remains because obtaining a pharmacy license for your local pharmacy will require the qualifications of at least one pharmacist, either the owner or an employee.

Enough Storage Space

To open a medical store or pharmacy. Or wholesale business, you will need a lease or proof of ownership of the premises with a minimum of 10 square meters. A minimum of 15 square meters is necessary if the pharmacy sells retail and wholesale.


Your most basic investment in the Wellness Forever franchise will be a store if you are targeting a local area. Just be sure to do the math for a store and inventory purchases first. Also, ensure you have a GST number like in the medical store business; GST on medicines remains a must. Depending on your medical shop’s city and location. And also, scale, the rent can range from ₹10,000 to ₹ ten lakhs per month.

Document Requirement

  • Pharmacy license application in the corresponding format.
  • Cover letter uttering the purpose of the request and including the applicant’s name and designation.
  • Deposit fee challan to obtain a drug license. The license remains the first thing you would need to get the franchise.
  • Declaration form in the prescribed format. Make sure that all the details you submit are in the desired and required design. Please read all instructions carefully before submitting more documents.
  • The key map of the premises is essential to qualify for the franchise. The critical plan ensures that everything is planned and under control.
  • Location plan of the premises. The site plan helps you to have a clear vision about which place remains used for which purpose.
  • The legal basis for possession of the premises. Legal documents remain a must when you opt for the franchise, and you must ensure that the documents are legitimate and in the correct format as required.
  • Owners/partners of a medical store business must provide identification and photographs.
  • If the property stands rented, proof of ownership is required.

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