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Vitex Write For Us – Vitex is a type of flowering plant in the Verbenaceae family. There are about 250 species. Common names include monk’s or monk’s pepper, which traditionally refer to V. agnus-castus but are often applied to other species. Vitex species occur naturally in tropical and subtropical regions, some in temperate Eurasia and one in New Zealand. If you want to write interesting articles we are here to publish your thoughts at

About 18 species are known in culture. V. agnus-castus and Vitex negundo are commonly grown in temperate climates. About six others are commonly grown in the tropics. Most cultivated species have an ornamental function. Some provide fine wood. The flexible limbs of some species are used for basket weaving. Some aromatic species are used for medicinal purposes or to repel mosquitoes.


Vitex is a genus of shrubs and trees ranging in height from 1.0 to 35 m. The genus Vitex was named by Linnaeus in Species Plantarum in 1753. Vitex is the name used by Pliny the Elder for V. agnus-castus. It results from the Latin video, meaning “to weave” or “to bind,” an allusion to using V. agnus-castus in basket weaving.

As a result of phylogenetic education of DNA sequences, Vitex is one of several genera transferred from  Verbenaceae to  Lamiaceae in the 1990s and is the largest genus of the Lamiaceae subfamily Viticoideae. Sampling of taxa in molecular phylogenetic studies has never been sufficient to examine the monophyly of the Viticoideae, but it remains generally regarded as an unnatural group. The subfamily is perhaps diphyletic, with Premna, Gmelina, and Cornutia forming one clade and with Vitex, Petitia, Pseudocarpidium, and Teijsmanniodendron forming the other.

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