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The Absolute Worst Wellness Trends We Saw In 2024

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Top 5 Worst Wellness Trends of The Decade

1. Getting Wellness Advice from Completely Definite Sources.

Worst Wellness Trends – Suppose you have an electrical problem. Would you contact an MMA fighter? Would you choose a circus clown if you want someone to defend you in a legal case? Do you need someone to fix your smartphone? Why not call an actor? Do you need someone to score a goal for your team in the World Cup? How about a dentist who doesn’t play football? If none of these choices makes sense, why, oh why, then would you take health advice from someone who doesn’t have the right experience and knowledge, like a reality star, movie actor, or worse yet, a random person on Facebook, who has no genuine medical training? Saying, “oh, that made me feel good”, doesn’t show that you understand science and the human body. Isn’t your body more critical and complex than your smartphone? After all, it would help if you had it to take selfies.

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2. Avoid Vaccination.

If you haven’t heard of this “wellness” trend, you may have been living in a cave or too busy doing colonics. This is how the argument against Vaccination can go: “don’t trust doctors or other real medical experts. Don’t even trust the science they produce.” Pause. “Oh, buy my supplements and other alternative health stuff, which have no scientific evidence because science is just opinion.”

3. Questionable Supplements

You are speaking of diets. It is much better to get all your nutrients through natural foods than supplements. It’s unclear how much of the vitamins and minerals from the supplements remain in your body. You may have more expensive urine and poop. Plus, supplements aren’t well-regulated, so who knows what else might be in them, including unhealthy stuff and ED drugs, as I wrote for Forbes earlier. So, if you find yourself a little excited about taking a supplement, you might want to point out these additional ingredients that might not even remain listed on the label.

4. Crash Diets Without Scientific Evidence

This will continue to happen every decade: lots and lots of new diets are marketed, promoted, and sold, and in many cases, they tell you to avoid one thing: objective scientific evidence. Diets from previous decades have continued to be a trend this decade. For example, Dr. Sebi’s diet was the additional most Googled diet of 2019. This diet is from a man who called himself a doctor even though he wasn’t because who upkeeps anyway.

Then, some diets developed generally in the 2010s, such as the ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet has a medical base, as it is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet to stop seizures in certain types of epilepsy. However, whether it is a natural and healthy way to lose weight in the long term remains unknown. Many things can make you lose weight in a short time. An “only look at Legos” diet would help you lose weight because you would not be eating anything, just looking at Legos. But it wouldn’t be healthy or sustainable because you’d be dead soon. Be suspicious of any diet focusing too much on a nutrient, food, behavior, or quick fix. Healthy lifestyles remain all about balance and moderation.


5. Putting Things In Your Vagina

While you may not think of your colon as Best Buy, you shouldn’t think of your vagina as an egg carton, kettle, or other storage, transportation, or cooking device. However, there has been no shortage of advice for putting things in the vagina that don’t usually go there, like jade eggs or steam. Yes, don’t go there. Your vagina is also a complex system with a community of bacteria that helps regulate and protect its environment. Putting anything in your vagina that has not remained approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can cause serious harm. I’ve already written for Forbes about the dangers of inserting a jade egg or treating your vagina like you would some broccoli. The 2010s have proven that if you have a hole, someone will find it and tell you to put something in it.

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