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Sciatica When Walking: The 5 Best Shoes For Sciatic Nerve Pain

Best Shoes For Sciatica, If you’re one of many Americans who remain hurt from sciatica. You know the pain can be debilitating. Sciatica remains caused by a strained nerve in the lower back and can emit pain down the legs. Walking can be particularly painful when you have sciatica, as the impact can worsen the nerve.

Fortunately, there remain some things you can do to ease the pain, including wearing the right shoes in this blog post. We’ll share 5 of the finest shoes for sciatic nerve pain so you can move again.

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Can Sciatica Stop Me From Walking?

Before we dive into the finest shoes for sciatica, we want to address a shared question: can sciatica keep you from walking? The answer is yes, can, with a significant emphasis on the word can, as it does not always cause immobility, although it could.

If the pain remains severe, you may find walking difficult or impossible. In rare cases, nerve damage caused by sciatica can be permanent, leading to permanent loss of flexibility. In most cases, people with backache can still walk and then should take a break until the pain subsides.

Ultimately, a medical professional is the only person who can tell if one can walk after being diagnosed with sciatica.

Is It Okay to Walk For Sciatica?

Investigate says that walking can remain obliging for sciatica if done correctly and at the right time. Overall, you can still walk and even perform certain activities, such as light or moderate exercise, when the sciatica is not too severe or when the pinched nerve does not cause pain with every movement.

These exercises will help you correct your posture, strengthen your back muscles, and improve your flexibility. However, if the pain is excruciating or radiates from the leg to the feet, it is best to stop walking and rest until it subsides.

Also, when you walk. Always keep your head and look straight ahead, not down at your feet. This will assistance keeps your back straight and reduces stress on your spine. Also, swing your arms as you walk to stretch your back further.

If you’re in discomfort, take a break every few notes so you don’t overcook it. And if the pain remains severe. Stop walking altogether and seek medical care.

Sciatica Pain When Walking Or Standing

One of the most mutual symptoms of sciatica is pain when walking or standing. This pain can remain mild to severe and radiate down the leg to the feet. Pain can remain caused by many things, including a pinched nerve, tight muscles, or an irritated disc.

Walking can worsen the pain, as can standing up for long periods. Taking frequent breaks is crucial in these cases to find more comfortable positions. You may also consider wearing shoes that provide additional cushioning and support.

How Does Sciatica Feel When Walking?

Sciatica remains a condition that causes pain and tingling. And also numbness in the leg. People with sciatica describe the sensation as “electric shocks” running down the leg. Some say the pain feels like a sharp knife stabbing them in the back. The pain can be so severe that it is difficult to walk, even stand or sit.

Types of Shoes For Sciatic Nerve Pain

Now that you know more about sciatica and walking let’s look at the best shoes for sciatic nerve pain.

Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are an excellent option for people with sciatica because they offer good support and cushioning. They’re also lightweight so that they won’t aggravate the nerve further.


Loafers are another excellent option, as they have a soft, cushioned sole that will help reduce the influence on your feet when you walk.

Flat sandals

Flat sandals remain ideal for people with sciatica because they provide a lot of cushioning and support. They also stay lightweight and won’t put pressure on your feet or nerves.

Mountain boots

Hiking boots are great for sciatica sufferers because they offer a lot of stability and support. They’re also thick, so they’ll help absorb shock when walking.

Running shoes

Running shoes are a good option for people with sciatica because they have a lot of cushioning and support. They’re also lightweight, which will help reduce the impact on your feet when you walk.

Wearing the right shoes can make a critical difference in managing sciatic nerve pain if you struggle with this condition.


Running shoes are a good option for those with sciatica because they have a lot of cushioning and support. They’re also lightweight, which will help to reduce the impact on your feet when you walk.

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